Friday, June 13, 2008

Internet Connection Drops Every Few Minutes

Do you have an issues with your internet connection dropping every few minutes or multiple times per hour? If you're running XP Home/Office you've found a possible simple fix.

The first thing is to verify that the problem exists on your PC by eliminating the router and internet connection at your location. Go to a friends or neighbors house that has internet access and make sure that the problem continues there. If so the issue may be a corrupt Winsock. Be aware that running this command can cause issues with some VPN software which will require it to be reinstalled or some applications that create virtual adapters.

To use the fix open a command windows (cmd at the Run dialog) and type the following:

c:\> netsh winsock reset catalog

After the command is executed it will be necessary to restart your PC. If that doesn't fix your problem you want to read the following at Microsoft Help & Support.
How to determine and to recover from Winsock2 corruption in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, and in Windows Vista

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Anonymous said...

The problem could also be WINDOWS XP, if you have are using a wireless router/switch to connect to the Internet.
It could be the "Wireless Zero Configuration". This XP Service looks for a faster connection every minute or so.
You need this service to your wireless connection to start, but once connected you can disable it. To do so go to 'START / RUN' and then type CMD and press ENTER. This gets you to the DOS prompt. Here type the following command:
net.exe stop
Then press ENTER. This stops the Wireless Netzero Configuration.
After this see how you Internet connection performs.
The service can be started again either via rebooting your computer or by going to DOS prompt and typing the command:
net.exe start