Friday, January 22, 2010

Internet Speed Test

It is arguable which website offers the best speed test however I recently stumbled across this tidbit.

Hi Jim,

thanks for your fast response!

I like both the Java and the Flash version, however the Flash version offers a nicer gui.

Let me explain our requirements in a bit more detail :-)

As a provider, we want to modify the results ... our customers should see a better speed then they actually have, so they don't start bitching about protocol overhead or whatever. Of course the upper limit is always the customer's contract speed limit. Therefore, the speedtest should be modified in a way that it first gets the customer's up/down limit from our database, then performs the speedtest, then multiplies the results with a factor of, say, 1.2, capped at the customer's up/down limits.

An example: the customer has a dsl line with 2048 down/256 up. speed test returns 1900 down/120 up. 1900 * 1.2 = 2280 > 2048 -> result displayed 2048. 120 * 1.2 = 144 -> result displayed 144

I could enhance the source code with these modifications myself – or you could do it, I don't really care, depends on the price of course :)

Let me know if you're interested,


See the source for a more complete explanation.

So compare the results from the above website's speedtest to something like the popular and see if you notice a difference.