Friday, June 6, 2008

Google Filter Issues?

If you run gmail combined or multiple filters in a single filter entry here is a point if it ever appears that the filters 'quit working'.

In case you didn't know it is possible to apply multiple filters with the same action in a single entry. For example lets say you want to flag a group of inbound emails that come from different people. You get some emails from and however the actions you perform on them is identical when they arrive. You could create a filter that states emails from| in the from portion of the filter. The pipe (|) is the delimiter that separates the different from addresses. It is also not necessary to put the entire email if you get emails from the same domain but different email addresses.

As of the date of this entry the filter will only process combined entries until it reaches a double pipe (||). In my case it was just an accident on my part as I had removed part of the filter at some point and accidentally left the trailing pipe for that domain. For example if you had a filter as follows:|||| all of the and email would be processed correct however when it reached the double pipe it would fail to process the remaining domains.

Replace the double pipe with a single pipe. In the example above|||| would be changed to|||

The hope is that someone on the gmail team will stumble across this entry and by the time you read it the problem will no longer exist :D

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