Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Customize Your Computer

If you're like me making a ch cha chhaaa change is a hard thing to do sometimes. In the case of our day-to-day computer work it is sometimes even hard. We get into habits that drain our time and don't invest some additional effort into learning ways to reduce our time by working more efficiently.

- If you're on a machine that is on the lower end of hardware requirements for Windows XP you can speed up your computer by reducing the fluff like visual effects. How?
- This one isn't so much of a time saver as it is an eye saver. If you're running an LCD monitor or laptop you should stop reading this article and do this immediately (requires Internet Explorer) How?
- Are you constantly going to your menu to start a program multiple times per day? Think about making shortcuts to your commonly used programs. How?
- If you use your computer daily then you should be defragging your hard drive. If you're saying, "huh, what's a defrag?" just think of what would happen if you had a filing system where you put papers in different folders all the time and used an up-to-date index to find the papers. Over time you would get slower and slower at putting the information back together, that is pretty much what disk defrag does. How?
- General How-To from Microsoft on customizing your computer

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