Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Air Travel and Laptop Confiscation

If you do much air travel and take a laptop with you when traveling you need to keep the following information in mind. The below quote is from some of my periodic financial reading entitled What We Now Know by Casey Research with this particular item coming from the December 26, 2006 issue.

Do you own a laptop computer? Do you routinely travel with it?

If so, you might want to consider taking a few precautions, because evidence is mounting that federal officials are legally (and, so they say, “randomly”) opening a growing number of laptops owned by passengers returning to the U.S. And perusing their contents.

The vast majority of travelers don’t realize that customs agents have the legal authority to do this. Computers may also be seized and held indefinitely, without the agents having to obtain probable cause that a crime has been committed. Victims of seizures have no right to know why they’ve been targeted.

I'm not quoting the entire article because I believe you should read it yourself in the WWNK archives.

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