Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nokia 635 - Consumer Cellular MMS and Internet

Moved to Consumer Cellular a year or so ago using Apple and Android phones. A family member has a Lumia 635 running Microsoft Phone 8.1 and was unable to send/receive group SMS messages and picture text messages.

The below settings resolved the issue on the 635, see this point for the fix for a Lumia 520.

To edit/add the settings perform the following:

1) Go to System Settings > cellular+SIM > SIM settings
2) Click [Add/Edit] internet APN

APN: att.mvno
User name: [leave blank]
Password: [leave blank]
Proxy server (URL):
Proxy port: 80
 ...and click Disk icon to save

3) Click [Add/Edit] MMS APN
APN: att.mvno
User name: [leave blank]
Password: [leave blank]
WAP gateway (URL):
WAP gateway port: 80
MMSC port: 80
Maximus MMS size: [leave blank] 
 ...and click Disk icon to save

Although it should work with other Windows Phone 8+ models it would be appreciated if you could post your model below and a go/no-go if it worked for you to benefit others on the web.

All the best!

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Benton Grissom said...

This were the setting that worked for me. Consumer celluar had no idea why.
1. Undersim settings
2. Internet APN
apn = ccdata
All other fields = blank but authentication type which is locked with PAP
apn = att.mvno
User name = blank
Password = blank
WAP gateway url =
WAP gateway port = 80
Mmsc url =
Mmsc port = 80
Maximum mms size = blank
IP type = iPv4v6

This seems to be working for me. In summary, the consumer cellar internet apn setting are fiine. The mms apn settings seem to be a combination old and new settings. They could change at any time i would bet.