Saturday, February 21, 2009

Visual Studio 2008 Extensions for SharePoint

If you have been struggling with some of the shortcomings of using the 64-bit Orca hack to to us the previous version of extensions your prayers have been answered. Microsoft has released the next version of the extensions to run on the 64-bit platform.

New Features in VSeWSS 1.3

* The extensions now install on x64 bit OS. Visual Studio 2008 and SharePoint must be already installed.
* Command Line Build option for TFS and MSBuild integration
* Separate WSP Package and Retract commands. You can now build the WSP without deploying it
* SPSolGen to Support Exporting from Content Management Publishing Sites
* New Item Template for RootFiles Deployment
* Automatically Remove conflicting existing features on development SharePoint server
* WSP View New Feature Dialog Improvements: scope, receiver checkbox, element checkbox
* WSP View can now be used to merge features and it blocks site features being merged into web features
* Allow adding separate binary files such as Workflow assemblies
* Some refactoring allowing for Web Part renaming and removing lines from feature.xml Item Removed
* Allow selection of GAC or BIN deployment for Web Part Project not including CAS generation
* Increase visibility of hidden features that VSeWSS creates
* Add fast update deploy for DLL only or file only changes to solutions
* Numerous Bug Fixes and improvements to error messages

source: Announcing Public CTP Release of VSeWSS 1.3

A few recommendations to assist with the installation:
1. Uninstall the 1.2 Extensions before performing the installation.
2. Do not click on the .msi. Open a command prompt using the now famous "Right click, Run As Administrator" and execute the following command "msiexec /i [downloaded 1.3 package]"

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